Debian Wheezy and Asus K55VJ

Well, I ended up with a notebook with UEFI and Optimus technology. If you are updated in the current trends in Linux this sounds like headache, but it wasn't that bad... until I started suffering freezes in X.

The freeze occurs randomly, sometimes they happen really fast, sometimes I can work normally for hours before it freezes (yes, exactly when I start thinking, it is over...).

The symptoms are very well described in this Ubuntu post.

The freezes are very hard. I can't even ping the pc over ethernet (cable connected, not wifi). I set a netconsole (followed these instructions). Loaded the kernel with options "debug ignore_loglevel" and I am able to get the kernel messages in another pc on the network. Sadly, when the computer freezes there is no message sent.
Here is the log of the netconsole communication


I been hanging around in #debian and #debian-next and, as always, very nice people is trying to give me a hand. I am posting here my log files to see if any of them can figure out what is causing this hang.

The long files were greped using today's date (Dec 5).


You can see that in this case the computer was ok for about 8 hours.

Anyone has an idea how to find the cause of the problem? Any place where to look for information?

Thank you

Update: Dec 7
I have updated the kernel to 3.6-trunk-amd64 in experimental.
The fist thing I noticed is that the error message at boot

[drm:intel_dsm_pci_probe] *ERROR* failed to get supported _DSM functions

disappear and this was replaced by this new one

[drm:__gen6_gt_force_wake_mt_get] *ERROR* Force wake wait timed out

I must say that this new one sounds less terrible. If you search for the old error in the internet, you will find that many times it is ruled out as "unimportant". Maybe it isn't unimprtant!

Lets see if the freezes are gone!

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  1. Thanks for showing us the logs !!! :)

    I can see now that this is a very new machine running an old kernel.

    "Linux version 3.2.0" is almost a year old now, try linux-image-3.6... from "experimental" (also libdrm-intel1 and dependencies).

    Your issue could still be anything hardware or software at this point but gfx drivers a likely candidate

    irc:// is the channel where help is most likely.

    erc from irc://